We founded Carter Brown Global General Trading LLC, Dubai for international trading operations in 2015 and we have grown rapidly, emerging as a major supplier of metals & minerals, oil & gas and chemicals & petrochemicals to India, China, Korea and other countries.

We source and supply a wide range of international-quality minerals, oils and chemicals from premium manufacturers to our customers. As a trading partner, CBGG Trading supports the entire supply chain encompassing sales, operations, delivery and finance of its partners.

We are constantly strengthening our sourcing base world-wide and focusing on the backward integration of our supply chain. We are a reliable sourcing partner to our customers for all their trading needs, as we are taking deeper control of the value chain in the sector.

Our globally positioned, experienced and efficient staffs give us the agility and ability to support all our customers’ business requirements, including logistics and other service support. Our team of highly experienced professionals enriched with diverse international experience is committed to serving global and domestic customers.

Company Profile